This domain is a personal space housing mostly nostalgic tributes to the web long past/passed. If the sites look "old" it's because they are designed that way. I am not impressed by the tendency to transfer everything over to a corporate-mimicked, mobile-only, pre-planned universe. So, when I returned after a 5 year hiatus, I "re-turned" - making a conscious choice to keep this space free of complicated scripts, and styled to my retro taste. When I want to do those things, I just go where everybody else already is.

I use an old graphics editor, an old HTML editor, and engage in old habits by choice. One of the great side effects? I avoid security vulnerabilities. No, you won't see ponies doing gymnastics here. No, I don't sweat it too much about validating - but then, I'm doing such simple things that my pages typically validate anyway.

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